One thing that really gets me flared up and I’ve seen it on a few blogs now, is whenever somebody admits they’ve binged some fucked up person (on anonymous of course) asks them what it was they binged on, and how much they ate. What kind of weirdo needs to know that? & what kind if insensitive fuck asks that kind of question? Gtf out of here you piece of shit. It’s like you’re looking to get a kick out of someones struggles.

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Anonymous: Hi, I'm trying to recover from an eating disorder and I would really like your advice :) I try to eat as much food as I can, like fruit, oats, nuts, full-grain bread, organic meat, vegetables and occasionally a sweet treat but I just feel so terrible about eating, all I want is to recover and be healthy and stop having all these negative thoughts! Please help? <3

It sounds like you’re doing really well, your aiming for a balanced diet and thats the best way. But as for the ED, you can’t recover on your own, lovely. Are you talking to a professional? I want to help you, I really do, but I can’t really do anything. I can’t cure it, I can’t make the thoughts go away. All I can do is encourage you to go out there and take your life back, and to do that you need a support network and you need a professional who knows how to get you back on the right track. X

Wait can you reply to fanmail even if you’re not following that blog? I’ve just replied to like three and now I don’t know if they would have got it. It seemed to send okay? It told me it sent anyway….

Basically if you didn’t get a reply let me know because I did reply….

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Anonymous: Yes you're a yes!! Woohoo

Haha woohoo! 😆 

Anonymous: Opinion on Scottish independence?

Aww dude, I was waiting for someone to ask this. I’m always wary talking about politics. I’m a Yes. Not because I “don’t like England” - I don’t have a problem with England. I just think Scotland could do more for Scotland than England ever could. But you know, if we wake up tomorrow still a part of the UK then I’m not going to tear myself apart. Politics are politics, and whatever happens we’ll deal with it. 

plz don’t send me any abuse

me: (thinks something mean)
me: dont be fucking rude
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graduatefromtheweight: My hair is the same!!! I used to wash it everyday because it'd get so oily but I slowly was able to "train" it. I had to start washing it only every other day. And when I'm not working out I can even go ever 3rd day. But that's pushing it 😂😭

It’s such a nightmare right?! I have to time mine carefully as well because I only do it once I’ve finished working out and sometimes that involves going into uni with rank hair 😂 Absolute pet hate. I start using talc or dry shampoo but I’m convinced that dries it out even more and makes it produce more oil! Why can’t hair just stay nice and shiny all the time 😭

Anonymous: What is your everyday routine to keep your hair so fab and healthy?

Haha my hair is so bad! It is crying out for a trim. I use coconut oil and just put it on my ends, sleep with it in overnight and wash it off the next morning. I’m looking into using more natural shampoos because apparently the mainstream ones are full of chemicals and my hair is pretty thin as it is, so it’s more susceptible to damage. Because its so thin it gets oily sooo quickly but I’m trying to stop washing it every day to see if it helps X

Anonymous: Cold vs. Hot water?

Wait, what? As in to drink? Both is good. Water is water, hot or cold. 

No shit I actually have a message in my inbox asking me how long it would take to lose 30lbs if all this person ate was diet coke and TISSUE PAPER? 

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Anonymous: hi! i am a vegetarian and ive been having a really hard time balancing my macros. i usually end up with too many fats or carbs, not enough protein. for protein i eat nuts, eggs, tofu, 100% peanut butter, and clif bars. do you have any suggestions on what i can do? should i just try to change my macros? thank you!!

Ahhh I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you! You’re eating lots of good stuff for protein. My flatmate is vegetarian and one way she gets a lot of protein in her diet is with lots of lentils and beans - she makes really awesome lentil soups and stews and makes vegetarian chilli with loads of beans and stuff. Protein bars are a good way to get in more protein (Quest bars supposedly taste the best!). Another option would be protein powder, and you can put that in your smoothies or even make waffles/pancakes with it (check out fit-angel-riss insta for the best protein waffle recipes!!) X

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