Anonymous: i'm not at all at a low weight. i'm 5'3, and 125 lbs. thats not very low at all.

Check your activity level? Use this calculator here. X

Could you guys do me a favour? See when you click on my blog, does the follow button and the dashboard button still appear at the top or has it disappeared? Trying to figure out if I’ve fucked the theme haha! X

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Anonymous: it says my TDEE is 1569. when i subtract 300 cals from that, i get 1269. is that enough to be eating? but my rmr is 1360. I just wanna lost weight!

Your TDEE is very low, which usually signifies you’re at a very low weight already. Check you’re definitely ticking the right activity level, but if it really is that low I think its worth considering if you really need to lose weight? Speak to a doctor if need be X

Anonymous: i don't understand how to lose weight. i calculated my bmr, and it said it was 1360. does that mean i should eat less than 1360 to lose weight?

No that means you need to eat MORE than 1360 at all times. You need to calculate your TDEE, then minus 200-500 calories from that to create a safe calorie deficit X

Anonymous: I am defiantly gonna try and get back on track this coming week. I've just been busy and out a lot and haven't had time to make healthy food on the go

Aw yeah thats fine lovely! We all have those sort of weeks sometimes, don’t worry about it X

Anonymous: please I really need help on how to eat properly. i can't lose weight, i end up binging on stupid foods, i want to eat healthy, i don't know how many calories to eat, PLEASE HELP ME

Babe I don’t know what you want me to say :( I can’t do it for you - you have to figure it all out yourself. Check out my eating tab as it has some pointers X

Anonymous: This week I have been on and off of eating clean like I would have a not so healthy lunch but a good dinner or vice versa and i shouldn't be worrying right it wont ruin my progress will it?

It really depends. One week shouldn’t do much damage, but nutrition is key so it’s good to get it structured (easier said than done, I know!) X

Anonymous: I'm the anon from last night ab the drinkin, I got home and ate a loooT after drinking of unhealthy stuff but it's just one night so it won't undo everything right?

Haha naah babe you’re fine! Hope you had a good night! X

Anonymous: You look like Aria (Lucy Hale) from pretty little liars!!! So beautiful :) Thanks for all the help you give :) you're so inspiring!

It’s crazy how many people on Tumblr seem to think this haha so many people have said it! Thank you so much though, I’m very flattered! :) X

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