Anonymous: So, even with weight lifting, basically what you're saying is to fuck the calorie counting, and just feed my body when it's hungry, and to eat nutritious stuff, and lots of protein, and it's ok to treat myself sometimes, and as long as I'm not downing a bunch of fatty things 10x a day I'll be fine?

YES YES YES YES YES! This is it! Best attitude to have X

Anonymous: How can I continue to get slim/stay slim without counting calories? I've started weight lifting, and I'm quite confused - what do you recommend?

Look into intuitive eating. You have to learn to listen to your body and give it what it needs when it asks. Also bear in mind for a lot of people, the inclusion of weightlifting into their routine usually means they need to start eating a bit more than usual to support their bodies X

Anonymous: Hey Kirsten! So I have a REALLY big sweet tooth, and basically I have found that the only way I can stop binge eating things like chocolate and cake is to eat a lot of fruit. Particularly apples. I've had about 4 apples today... do you think that's bad for me? I know it's obviously better than bingeing on cake and stuff, but like.. fruit?

I think that’s absolutely fine. A good variety of fruit in your diet is a great way to go about things. Just remember that fruit on its own doesn’t make you gain weight, it’s the amount of calories you eat in total over the day. Unless you’re not going way over your maintenance on a regular basis, it’s not going to cause weight gain  X

Anonymous: Great pic! Such an inspiration :)

Thanks my love! X

collegegirl-fitness: What size pants did you used to be and what are you now? You are gorgeous! And definitely an inspiration!

Initially I was a UK size 12/US size 8, now I’m a UK size 8/US size 4 :) Thanks baby X

Anonymous: My god you're beautiful.

Thank youuuu 😁 ❤️ Dis made my night X

Anonymous: You look so slim! I think you've lost weight recently, you look amazing x

Thankya! The pants were pretty flattering tbh! X

Anonymous: Hey! I really admire your attitude to health and wellbeing. Do you have any tips on how to reduce the impacts of the binge on my body? I spent all day binging and I feel so excessively full and horrible :(

Water water water! 💦 Best thing for your body after a binge because it helps flush out the toxins. Maybe have a bath or a shower. Have a good cry if you need it as well. Look after yourself both mentally and physically X

Anonymous: Hey gorgeous! You totally look like Jennifer Lawrence!

I wishhhhh 😩 but thank you! X


Don’t feel guilty, it’s okay! We all have our bad days, just get back up and start again :) 
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